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Welcome to WavGen Incorporated

WavGen Incorporated sells and licenses many different types of satellite data, geodata, photogrammetry data, GIS data, aerial photo data, as well as raster or vector data. WavGen also licenses very high end middleware to load and model and render these images in your favorite 3D applications.

Our business model is simple. (1) We are a image processing, remote sensing, and geospatial software house who deliver remotely sensed data to a variety of verticals and international organizations. (2) We are a software holding house for very high end 2D and 3D middleware solutions and poised between the AutoDesk and GIS communities. (3) We also have a production studio delivering high-end visual effects and compositing.

WavGen Incorporated has established itself as a peerless content and software provider in the field of 3D terrain visualization and animation and graphics. You would be impressed with our client protfolio and with the amount of software and content we have provided studios, television productions, large format film productions, and government agencies.


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Wavgen Textureloader

::: WINDOWS 32/64BIT

The Wavgen Terramapper Pro? is available for 32bit and 64bit Vista, Windows XP Professional 7 2000 while utilizing all processors on the mainboard (true multithreading). We compile against the latest SDKs for the appropriate OS and 3D applications and all third party tools, plugins, and renderers are supported.


WavGen Inc has optimized and rebuilt our software SDKs around OS X by Apple Macintosh. This port is ready for Leopard and allows all software applications that run navitve on OS X Leopard to enjoy our remarkable wavelet technology. Multithreading and speed is guaranteed on all third party tools, plugins, and renders.

::: LINUX 32/64 BIT

WavGen finally delivers Linux for both 32bit and 64bit enterprise. This build guarantees our customers an extremely stable rendering environment with python and shell options while holding or exceeding bench marks for OS X and Windows. All third party tools, plugins, and renderers are also supported that are native to Linux.



Click below and browse browse our ever expanding geodata catalogue of Landsat 5, Landsat ETM 7, Quickbird, Ikonos, and Aerial geodata. We have multiple resolutions in stock from the full earth at 15meter true color through a 200meter true color dataset. We also have a variety of high resolution images of major cities and landmarks.

Wavelets in CG

Wavgen's use of a variety of Wavelet formats (i.e. ECW, JPEG2000, WGW) allows very large maps or textures (gigabytes or terabytes of data) to be imported into animation software using normal mapping or UV mapping. Gigabytes of imagery load into the thumbnails and render nodes and you will be surprised how fast and glitch free they will render.

Key Attributes

Rendering times decrease 10x fold, and non-proxied full hardware texture maps and normal maps shade onto models at 4K hardware texture resolutions. Surfaces and geometries can be viewed, rotated, and zoomed in realtime. Rendering is RAM and disk intensive and we reduce the need for this "hardware friction" 100x fold.

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